The programs at Nextera
Healthcare are revolutionary

Nextera Healthcare programs overview

Nextera Signature Plan

Nextera Healthcare is a revolutionary, new concept of healthcare that uses a monthly membership model to provide the most complete array of primary care services available.

We offer open access so that you can see your doctor at a time convenient for you, including before or after work and even on weekends. And, if you prefer, some visits can be conducted over phone or e-mail, avoiding a trip to the doctor’s office altogether.

At Nextera Healthcare, the quality of the patient experience is our first priority. Our Board Certified physicians bring you expertise in primary care medicine, including adult medicine, women’s health, and pediatric care. Our doctors also bring you 15 years of combined ER experience and skill dealing with injuries and urgent medical concerns.

With any of our Nextera Healthcare Plans, if you need an appointment or have a question, simply call anytime. There are never any co-pays regardless of how often you need to be seen.  Our offices are open 7am-7pm Monday through Friday and 9-Noon on Saturdays.

If you require medical attention after-hours, simply call our office and you will be promptly contacted by the on-call provider. With Nextera Healthcare there is no reason not to get the care that you need.

NOTE: If you are experiencing a life-threatening medical condition, always call 911 immediately!

By combining the Nextera Signature Plan with a high-deductible insurance policy the typical family will save a significant amount on their monthly healthcare expenses while gaining access to a wide array of medical services. With the Nextera Signature Plan you gain peace of mind by having 24/7 access to your physician’s office for the majority of your healthcare needs.

Monthly Fees:

Adult:  $99/month
Couple:  $149/month
Child (up to and including age 17):  $39/month (This plan must have one adult as a member)



Included in the Signature Plans:
Nextera Healthcare Plans include primary care services that you would expect to be offered at a family medicine clinic along with care for urgent medical needs provided by physicians with extensive Emergency Room backgrounds.

All plans include the following:
Year round comprehensive, Primary Care Services including visits related to:

  • Pediatric care
  • Adult medicine and wellness
  • Gynecological care including pap smears
  • Care and treatment of chronic conditions (including: diabetes, high blood pressure, etc..)
  • Dermatological services (including: treatment and/or removal of precancerous and most cancerous skin lesions (excluding melanoma), cryotherapy and removal of warts, age spots, cysts and skin tags, as well as treatment of acne.)
  • Acute visits for non-life threatening medical problems and emergencies
  • Wound repair (including: stitches or surgical glue)
  • Fracture care with casts and splints for broken bones that do not require surgery
  • Trigger-point injections and cortisone joint injections
  • All physicals (including: sports, school, well adult, DOT, etc..)
  • End-of-life care
  • Customized weight management
  • Treatment of depression, anxiety and other mood disorders
  • ADD and ADHD evaluation and management
  • Smoking and alcohol abuse management

In addition to the services offered above, Nextera Healthcare Plans provide patients with:

  • Convenient, extended office hours: Monday through Friday: 7am to 7pm and Saturdays starting at 9:00am
  • After hours care for urgent medical needs (non-life threatening emergencies)
  • Remote or Virtual Access to your physician via e-mail or phone if you are busy or traveling
  • Access to deeply discounted imaging and laboratory services (see for additional costs)

* The list of medical services offered may be subject to change


Total Transformation Plan

This is a program that is designed to provide the ultimate health and wellness plan for you.

The Total Transformation Plan provides a package of services and products at an extraordinary value. When combined with a high-deductible (catastrophic) health insurance program, it is the ideal health program — bringing together all of the necessary amenities designed by our physicians to truly help you transform your health and have this year be the start of a healthier you.

This program targets individuals interested in getting the most from their healthcare. Typically, the plan only needs to be used for one year, during which time you will gain an immense amount of information about your unique health and wellness needs. After completing this twelve month program, one can switch to the more economical Nextera Signature Plan.

Included in the Total Transformation Plan is complete, caring, comprehensive primary care as described in the Nextera Signature Plan, in addition to the following:

The 10 Visit Program, one of the most innovative concepts in primary care medicine.

This program provides ten consultations with your personal physician lasting approximately 60 minutes each.

Each visit will cover a different topic in depth. You are free to bring friends or family to these visits. Your visits will be conducted in a relaxed, comfortable setting. You will feel unhurried and will leave with all of your questions being answered.

The 10 Visit Program is designed to take place over the course of a year with one visit approximately every 5 weeks. However, for those that are eager to take advantage of the visits at a faster pace, a customized timeline can be designed to fit with your schedule and needs.

Visit 1: Orientation.
This includes an introduction to The 10 Visit Program and establishes your personal goals for transformation. It includes a thorough discussion of your medical history, a complete physical exam, EKG, and fasting lab panel. The main topics of health transformation will be covered and reviewed in detail.

Visit 2: Your DNA.
Prior to this visit, you will have your genetic code sampled from cells in your saliva using genomic technology offered by a leading provider. It will be analyzed for 160 different inheritable genetic markers that are related to your health. The visit will include a 60 minute overview with your personal physician of your genetic risk factors for various cancers and other diseases. We will also discuss the role that stem cells have in medicine, and your own stem cells will be harvested, and cryogenically preserved.

Visit 3: Your Nutrition.
The goal of this visit it to help you discover the ideal nutritional plan which we will optimize for your body using the most advanced technologies in the field of nutrigenomics, including the ALCAT test, your body’s oxidation rate, ABO blood type as related to diet, nutritional dosha, as well as your tendency to be in an acidic or alkaline state.

Visit 4: Your Body:
In this 60 minute visit, you and your personal physician will explore your relationship with your body in order to make positive changes to your health. A personal exercise program will be developed based upon your goals, needs, and capacity. You will also be assessed by our clinical massage therapist during a separate 30 minute massage which will give your physician important information about your physical condition. Also included are three visits with a personal trainer as you begin your physical training program, along with a punch pass to a local fitness center.

Visit 5: Your Motivation.
We will spend this visit helping you determine not only how healthy, vibrant, and energetic you want to be, but we’ll delve into the motivational roadblocks that have prevented you from achieving these goals in the past. The visit will be preceded by a consultation with a certified Integral Life Coach and using a unique combination of personality assessment techniques, together we will help you uncover your individual modes of “self-sabotage” and ways to help banish them forever.

Visit 6: Your Hormones.
Prior to this visit, a complete salivary hormone panel will be obtained to assess the state of your hormones, (For example, progesterone, estrogen, androgen hormones (testosterone, DHEA), and adrenal hormones). This hour-long doctor’s visit will involve a detailed discussion of the risks and benefits of natural, bio-identical hormone supplementation and the role they may play in your health.

Visit 7: Your Skin.
This 60 minute visit will include a complete skin exam with your personal physician to assess for cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions. Additionally, we will design a customized skin rejuvenation program specifically for you. Biopsies of any suspicious lesions will be included in this visit. Also included is the award winning Obagi Condition & Enhance system. This 3 month kit is customized to your skin type and is designed to rejuvenate your skin to reveal a healthy and youthful glow. In addition, we include 6 visits for laser hair removal and/or laser vein treatment using our Cynosure Elite YAG/Alexandrite laser.

Visit 8: Your Cancer Cells.
As scary as it sounds, we ALL have cancer cells in our bodies, but not all of us will develop cancer. This is a unique, and incredibly important 60 minute visit with your personal physician to delve into a frank discussion about everything that we can do to prevent cancer. We will avoid the hype and the hysteria and focus on the vast amount of solid information that is available but is not being adequately disseminated to Americans.

Visit 9: Your Environment.
In this visit, we will review in detail the concept of environmental toxicity. You will be tested with the “Environmental Toxin Panel” and your results will be discussed in detail–focusing on how to remove them, and how to prevent them in the future. Furthermore, we will obtain a skin test to assess you for more than 60 common airborne and contact allergens.

Visit 10: Your Brain.
This is the visit during with we will discuss your brain, and your mind, as well as your spirit in detail. We will review the latest scientific evidence about keeping your brain young and “firing all cylinders.” We will also delve into ways to calm the mind, relax, de-stress, and rejuvenate your emotional state. We’ll also discuss the importance of sleep and how to improve its quality. Finally, we will review all that you have learned during The 10 Visit Program

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* The cost of all testing and services described above is included in the Total Transformation Plan.