Nextera Healthcare has
a plan for everyone

The Nextera Healthcare
plan that is right for you:


Nextera Healthcare serves your needs
and cares for your family

Nextera Healthcare offers primary care programs for individuals, couples, families and businesses, and is an effective option for those looking for a complete primary care program, including after-hours service for urgent medical problems, and open-access to email communication with your personal physician—all for an affordable monthly fee.

Nextera Healthcare provides expert primary care services (family practice, general pediatrics, gynecology, and adult medicine) as well as urgent care.

While hospitalizations, major surgery, specialist medical care, and emergency room visits are not covered with the Nextera Healthcare membership, we work hard to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and ER visits for our patients. Our plans work best when combined with high-deductible insurance programs which provide “catastrophic” health insurance.

The expertise offered by our Nextera affiliate practices provides care for the vast majority of your healthcare needs.  We can take care of vast majority of your medical needs.

We also offer enormous discounts on virtually all labs, imaging services, and many specialist procedures and consultations.

Individuals: $99/month

Couples: $149/month

Children: $39/month

The result is Nextera Healthcare. We invite you to experience it for yourself.

NOTE: Due to regulatory restrictions, we are unable to offer Nextera plans to any patients eligible for Medicare, Medicaid, or other government health benefit programs.