Nextera Healthcare is the right
call for any employer

The Nextera Healthcare
plan that is right for you:


Keep your employees healthy, save money and comply with the ACA

Many businesses struggle in today’s economy to provide quality healthcare benefits to their employees. At Nextera Healthcare, our primary care memberships are affordable, helping you attract and retain talent by offering this important benefit to your team.

When you pair a Nextera Healthcare membership with a high-deductible health plan (HDHP), you’ll meet the employer requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

While health insurance is important and helpful for medical catastrophes such as heart attacks and strokes, most of us still waste enormous amounts of money for general medical problems, after-hours urgent care and diagnostic testing (like labs and MRIs).

Health insurance is not health care. That’s where Nextera Healthcare comes in.

We are your reliable, convenient, accessible healthcare quarterbacks – for both you and your employees.

Some businesses currently offer no health benefits. Nextera can provide enormous value for your employees for just $99 per month.

Other businesses use private insurance. But in today’s world, deductibles are high and patients are still on the hook for large out-of-pocket expenditures. Let Nextera Healthcare work with your broker to find the optimal balance between health insurance and health care.

The best news: A Nextera Healthcare membership combined with an HDHP can save your company as much as 20 – 30 percent over traditional plan premiums.

Nextera Healthcare can help your business:

•  Provide quality, affordable healthcare to your employees
•  Achieve substantial cost savings for your company
•  Comply with the Affordable Care Act
•  Become more competitive, productive and healthy

Call our program coordinator, Brad Davis, at (509) 294-4322 for a free consultation at your facility.

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