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What others are saying about Nextera Healthcare.

“Just wanted to let you know I had my first doctors visit with Nextera and my experience was WONDERFUL! The receptionist was awesome and so friendly. And Dr. Wilcox was very helpful, open, and caring. She gave me her card and e-mail address before I left-AWESOME! I look forward to her being my primary doc moving forward! You have a great team!” – Rachel Z.

“We are thrilled with Nextera Healthcare so far! Everyone who has gone to see Dr. Flanagan or Dr. Tusek has had nothing but positive things to say about the experience. They love the doctors, they love their accessibility and availability to them and their families, and of course they love the cost!” – Human Resources representative,
Town of Frederick

“A very important part of my emotional support system! I know I can always come in and someone will listen and
give me a hug.” – Don P.

“Extreme value, great healthcare!” – Erik D.

“Great value! We were without insurance and this plan has made it affordable to take care of our health.” – Patty S.

“Outstanding! Should be a national program.” – Carol & Cliff B.

“Peace of mind that the little things that come up will not nickle and dime us to the poor house. We can come in
anytime for any reason.” – Tom F.

“Great healthcare we could not previously afford.” – Don & Sandy D.

“Excellent value and peace of mind. Amazing staff, caring nurses and doctors. Excellent plan!” – Katie O.

“I have worked in healthcare for over 10 years. This is by far a 5 star plan. It rises to excellence in
every manner.” Blane B.

“I feel secure knowing that my doctor is available to me 24/7 and it is very easy to get an office visit right away.
Plus, I like the discounted rates I get for my procedures.” – Shelly L.