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How does Nextera Healthcare work?

Nextera Healthcare is a monthly membership program that offers complete primary care medical services to individuals, families, and employees for a low monthly fee. There are never any co-pays to see your doctor, regardless of how often you need to be seen. Simply call the office if you need to schedule a visit.

Nextera Healthcare programs also include after-hours coverage for urgent medical issues which are not life-threatening (such as cuts that require stitches). This helps reduce unnecessary ER visits which are costly and inconvenient. If you ever have a life-threatening medical emergency, always call 911. For less serious but urgent matters, just call our after-hours line and one of our healthcare providers will return your call promptly and decide the next step.

In addition, if you prefer, some appointments with your healthcare professional can be conducted via phone or email, avoiding a trip to the office altogether. This is particularly helpful in today’s busy times. If you are traveling or busy at work, you’ll be glad to know that your healthcare provider is available for a “virtual visit”.

The Nextera Healthcare programs include complete primary care services that can be provided at our clinics. There are no additional fees to see your healthcare provider, and our programs also offer you deeply discounted rates for off-site testing such as X-rays and MRI’s.