Innovative Care.
Old-fashion Caring.

How does Nextera Healthcare
improve quality of care?

Nextera Healthcare provides peace of mind for our patients knowing that their personal healthcare team is available and accessible.  We have convenient hours enabling you to schedule appointments before and after work or school, as well as during your lunchbreak.  We can nearly always accommodate urgent conditions with same-day appointments, and when you need us after the office is closed, just call our after-hours line.  (Of course, if you ever experience a life-threatening emergency, call 911)

Nextera Healthcare encourages continuity of care, as well as proactive, preventative and routine visits. With today’s exorbitant healthcare costs, too often patients wait or don’t seek appropriate medical care. With Nextera Healthcare you can see your physician as often as you need to without paying extra fees.

For our patient’s convenience, our office hours are Monday-Friday 7AM-7PM, and Saturdays 9-Noon.

Our doctors are not only experienced ER Physicians, they are also Board Certified Family Physicians who focus on prevention and early detection of medical problems before they develop into more serious illnesses.